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【國際抗疫線】世衛是陷阱 台灣是出路

為回應早前世衛(WHO)秘書長譚德塞 (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus)公開指控”This attack comes from Taiwan”,台灣YouTuber阿滴聯手設計師聶永真發起集資的《紐約時報》全版廣告今日正式刊登。 廣告玩「WHO」punning,用上世衛官方字形及顏色,意指「who can help?」之餘,更隱諷一句反問:「世衛可以幫手? 」狠狠打了以譚德塞為首的世衛一把。 「WHO」下方的圖案象徵陷阱;而廣告下半部分的「Taiwan」字眼下的圖案象徵出路。用簡單圖形及版面的巧妙運用,完美反擊譚德塞的指控。 文案全文: //WHO can help? Taiwan. In a time of isolation, we choose solidarity You are not alone. Taiwan is with you. We know what you are going through. We know how hard it is. Taiwan, having been devastated by the SARS epidemic […]

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